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Top 10 Outsourcing Trends by Small Businesses in 2009

March 10, 2010

by Amit Mullerpattan

The expanding reach of the Internet and growth of online collaboration tools have all changed small business outsourcing dramatically in the past 3-4 years.

Let us take a look at 10 key trends for using independent contractors for projects and even ongoing staffing needs, and how they shape up in 2009:

1.  The “Outsourcing Life” is hip

Popularized by the best seller The 4-Hour Workweek, more people are realizing that they can get their work done by someone else even if they are a solo entrepreneur.  According to statistics published by US Small Business Administration, 56% of US small businesses with 100 employees or less, have fewer than 5 employees. If your business is one with no employees or a very small number of employees, you may find yourself over-stretched for time, and in need of outsourcing in both your personal and professional life.  Driven by the economy and the need to watch expenses, more businesses will opt for contracting relationships and hold off hiring new employees as long as possible.

Small businesses are also continuing to push the envelope on what can be outsourced.  They are discovering elements that can be outsourced even in previously “core” activities. For example, an Australian small business we work with specializes in online marketing, but also uses multiple telemarketing providers to cross sell their product range to customers.

How to benefit from this trend:

  • Re-examine what you consider to be activities only you or your employees can do.
  • If not the entire activity, can some parts of this at least be outsourced?
  • Be prepared to invest some time up front in training your outsourcing partner.

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Onsite offshore coordinator vs. offshore onsite coordinator

March 9, 2010

by James Wheeler

Traditionally outsourcing vendors place coordinators on the customer site to facilitate communication with the offshore team.   This article discusses a different approach to coordinating offshore outsourcing projects where the client places a coordinator on the outsourcing vendor site to manage the offshore project.

I recently read a good blog post on Pragmatic Outsourcing titled The Myth of the Onsite Coordinator. Often offshore software outsourcing vendors place employees on the client site as part of the offshore engagement.  As Nick Krym mentions in his blog post, there are disadvantages to having an onsite offshore coordinator, the main being cost to the client.  An alternative approach that can be more effective is for the client to place an employee on the outsourcing supplier site.

Although an offshore coordinator could be employed by the outsourcing vendor or client, for the purpose of this post when I refer to “offshore onsite coordinator”, I mean a client employee or contractor managing the outsourcing initiative offshore.  This offshore onsite coordinator is responsible for managing the communication and coordination between the client and the vendor and may also be responsible for managing the vendor.

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12 Reasons to Hire a Sourcing Advisor

March 4, 2010

Over the years I’ve worked with dozens of tier one and tier two outsourcing providers.  I recently asked some of them to provide their perspective as to “why their clients and potential clients should hire a sourcing advisor.”  One would initially think that a provider would be opposed to having a sourcing advisor involved as it might slow down the process and lessen the advantages that a provider could have over the client without the benefit of independent advice.  I found quite the contrary.

Listed below are a dozen “uncut” reasons why providers believe clients should hire a sourcing advisor:
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Selecting the Right Outsource Provider at the Right Time

March 3, 2010
by Alsbridge, Inc.

Often times, when selecting an outsourcing provider, the list of candidate firms can look almost identical in terms of capability and ability to handle the scope of services clients seek. This can lead to a sub-optimal subjective decision based on the “marketing speak” of the provider versus a more comprehensive and objective analysis that will lead to a successful relationship.

What factors can you use to differentiate among providers beyond the classic request for proposal response and the “marketing and sales speak” typically relied on during the outsource selection process?

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Top 5 Staffing Considerations for Building a Procurement Team

March 2, 2010

Originally Uploaded by daryljames

by Bill Huber

The most effective procurement organizations are able to attract, stimulate and retain top talent; and retain the energy and momentum to continuously drive change to their companies. Less effective organizations can succumb to bureaucracy, marginalization and the loss of talent.

How your procurement organization approaches staffing can make all the difference. Here is an overview of the

TPI Top 5 considerations for building and staffing your procurement team:
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25 Aspects of Professional Life to Outsource

February 25, 2010

by Nick Krym

The list below covers a variety of tasks that could be reasonably easy outsourced to a Virtual Assistant.

1. Industry / Market / Vendor / Product Research. Even though you can ask your VA to check library you are better off keeping the research to Web though. Research could be of a broad nature, for example top 5 firewall vendors, or very focused such as Nick Krym cell phone number.

2. Subject Matter Briefs – If you’ve ever been scheduled for a meeting on a topic about which you know very little, a virtual assistant can be a great help. Have them find or write a short, five-page summary of the topic, major concerns and implications for you, and recent news.

3. Calendar Management – setting appointments, making calls, rescheduling meetings, reminders, etc.

4. Contact management – cleaning up your outlook contact database, verifying / finding facts, addresses, emails, etc.

5. Email Management – email removing unnecessary (spam, useless elements of chain email, etc.), sorting, categorizing, follow up, response on your behalf, etc. – possibilities and time savings here are pretty amazing.

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Enjoy Your Life, Get a Virtual Assistant

February 24, 2010

Do you know Timothy Ferriss? His book, The 4-hour Workweek, became no. 1 in both the New York Times and WSJ Bestseller Lists. He has seen in the world and has garnered a lot of titles and awards under his name. For example, he has been a break dancer in MTV in Taiwan. He went to Ireland and went home with a title in hurling. He appeared in television shows in both Hong Kong and China. He also holds a kickboxing championship title. He speaks more than 4 languages and has a long-standing world record in Guinness for tango.

Most of all, he runs a lot of businesses, speaks in plenty of seminars and workshops, and maintains his own blogs and marketing campaigns.

You may wonder, “How did he have all the time in the world?”

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