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Small Business Tip: Why Millions of Businesses are Missing Out on Online Sales

February 23, 2010

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by Danita Blackwood

Millions of small companies don’t exist online because they don’t have a website for small business. Recent research reveals two out five small and midsize businesses in the United States are trying to compete without a website.  Small businesses in all types of industries need a website to reach customers. Consumers spend as more time online as they do watching TV or reading and reaching these customers starts with a small business website.   Think of a website as a billboard on the Internet telling the world what services, goods and resources your business offers and what you can do to improve their lives.

So why aren’t all small businesses online?  The results from a nationwide study commissioned by 1&1 Internet, Inc. finds most business owners are unaware of the free tools and resources available to build a small business website. The 1&1 Internet research looked at more than 1,800 U.S. small to midsize businesses and found many entrepreneurs and business owners are misinformed about the cost of owning a business website.  Researchers found small business owners often overestimate the expenses for being online. They also overestimate the complexity of taking their business to the Web with a small business website.

There are many free resources on how to build a website and even free tools to build a website an entrepreneur or small business owner can tap to build a website for business.  These resources are not only for the technically savvy entrepreneur.  Many small business owners are surprised by how simple and affordable it is to build a website with a do-it-yourself approach once they get started.  In fact, the 1&1 Internet study found 28 percent of small business owners created their own business websites themselves.  Forty-four percent of small and midsize businesses in the 1&1 study update their business website themselves.  Many of these small companies are showcasing their websites as they expand their online enterprises with e-marketing, social media and other available technology to give them a competitive advantage.

Start thinking about the online identity for your business and what kinds of ways you can attract and connect with customers.  It is a good idea when thinking about a small business website to come up with three domain names that fit your company.  Your top choices may not be available, so have a few ideas for domain names.   If your top domain name choices for a small business website are available, consider getting them all.  It is more affordable than you may believe and it will give you room to grow and flexibility to create additional sites or business websites for special promotions or business events in your company.



Small Business Traps to Avoid

February 18, 2010

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by Terri Levine

Regardless of whether the “small business” is a one-man show or a small business with up to 10 employees, when starting out we tend to concentrate/focus on one or two areas of our business and either are unaware or just forget about the other areas. There are certain mistakes that are common to many entrepreneurs and small business owners – being aware of them is the first step to avoiding them!

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