Enjoy Your Life, Get a Virtual Assistant

February 24, 2010

Do you know Timothy Ferriss? His book, The 4-hour Workweek, became no. 1 in both the New York Times and WSJ Bestseller Lists. He has seen in the world and has garnered a lot of titles and awards under his name. For example, he has been a break dancer in MTV in Taiwan. He went to Ireland and went home with a title in hurling. He appeared in television shows in both Hong Kong and China. He also holds a kickboxing championship title. He speaks more than 4 languages and has a long-standing world record in Guinness for tango.

Most of all, he runs a lot of businesses, speaks in plenty of seminars and workshops, and maintains his own blogs and marketing campaigns.

You may wonder, “How did he have all the time in the world?”

The answer is pretty simple: he got himself a virtual assistant.

Tim Ferriss believes in mini-retirement plans—that is, you don’t wait for 60 before you start reaping the fruits of your own labor. Besides, you want to make sure that even if you’re old, you’re not totally dependent on the pension plans you’re going to receive from the government. You want to earn your own.

Mini-retirement plans entail taking the holidays you want to do so in your life. It also means pursuing the hobbies and activities that will give you self-fulfillment. In the case of Ferriss, these were dancing, kickboxing, and travelling.

However, if you are handling a business, you really cannot imagine yourself going to Aruba or Hawaii without incessantly calling your clients or checking your invoices or forms all the time.

You know, you can get a life. The only way to go is to get your own virtual assistant, who can work for and with you at all times.

Live2Care is a third-party service provider who can provide you with virtual assistants who can work on your administrative tasks, online marketing, inbound customer service support, or even on your outbound telemarketing.  Live2Care’s team of professional virtual assistants are already well- trained, with college degrees, and social and technical skills that make them excellent partners to run your business.

Virtual assistants can do a lot of things; some of them include the following:

  • Prepare reports
  • Call your customers and leads
  • Set up appointments and meetings
  • Process orders and invoices
  • Update your website and other marketing materials
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Manage your bills and other personal obligations

Well, the list can basically go on.

You can definitely be like Tim Ferriss and spend literally 4 hours a week managing your business and the rest exploring the world. However, you can only do that with ease and confidence if you hire a virtual assistant.



One comment

  1. I appreciate Timothy Ferriss’s drive and ambition, but I really don’t think his advice is very practical for the general population. I just finished his book, and was left less than impressed. Although- having a virtual assistant would be pretty awesome! 🙂

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