Outsourcing Oddities: Beyond Virtual Assistants

February 4, 2010

While you can’t outsource fun, you can find folks willing to do some pretty wild things on your behalf. Going beyond exceptionally open-minded virtual assistants, here are sites that let you hire others to take on unexpectedly odd tasks!

Singing happy birthday
You’re a thoughtful person. You want to call on your friends’ birthdays, but – being the caring person that you are – you don’t want to subject them to your screechy, tone-deaf rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Enter Taj Tunes, your personal belt-out-a-tune-for-any-occasion service. For a nominal fee per song, you’ve got someone else to sing holiday carols, “thinking of you” ditties, or even love ballads for you!


Desperately seeking more gold, weapons, or magic items in your MMORPG? IGE.com is here to help by connecting you to folks interested in trading with you – for virtual gold or the real kind. While the site doesn’t currently offer power leveling (moving your character up through the levels at a rapid pace), but they appear to be developing it and encourage you to check back often!

Relationship with Mom

You love your mom, but she can be insufferable if you don’t call her on Mother’s Day. Momsourcing will call your mom, have a lovely little chat with her, and keep her from leveling you with the full brunt of her guilt the next time you do happen to call. Brilliant!

Your Under-the-Table Gambling Business
You take bets for your friends, coworkers, and 15 random guys at Starbucks. You know the spread on all of last night games, and you know what odds Vegas is posting for tonight’s championship fight. You could actually make some money at this – if only you had someone to manage the books for you. Offering data processing services for sports betting and gambling industry, 24-7Bookie.com will take the tedious task of keeping the books off your plate – leaving you time to shmooze your clientele and land more action!

Like many people, you love the taste of freshly baked goods, but your last attempt turned out more like hockey pucks than luscious, chewy cupcakes. Thank goodness for Crumbs.com, which bakes many flavors of expertly-decorated cupcakes and ships them to your door. Simple, easy, and yummy! Instructions: Place order. Wait 1 day. Open box. Place cupcakes on plate. Hide box. Take all the credit for the beautifully frosted creations!

And, of course, you can search oDesk.com for providers taking a creative approach to their personal assistant duties! Have you seen sites promoting outsourcing oddities? Let us know about them!



One comment

  1. I could so use that mom one. Do they make house calls for when I can’t bring myself (and I have no excuse) to visit her?

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