Outsourcing Worth Considering?

January 15, 2010

by Barney Austen

The concept of outsourcing is mostly associated with bigger organizations. However, the decision to out-source or recruit internally applies equally in smaller enterprises.

The most important facet of out-sourcing is the availability of expert resources in the specific field where you need help. Cost, while important, should not necessarily be the main driver.

Out-sourcing, in its simplest terms, is choosing a partner to whom you will give full responsibility with regards to the specific function in question. This can sound like a frightening prospect to the smaller organization who may feel that their ideas may be “copied” or that they will lose control of their organization.

In reality, this is not the case. Most of us have accountants to take care of our books. Why? Because the chances are we don’t have the capability internally and this is what they are good at. They have zero interest in running our business and nor do they possess domain knowledge in our area. What they do have is the accounting expertise to make sure our financials stay on track.

This argument can apply to all elements of your business. We don’t all have the luxury, or indeed the necessity, of having permanent experts in each area of business e.g. accounts, Marketing/PR, IT etc. Those of us in smaller enterprises need to focus on what we know and more importantly, understand what we don’t – ask yourself this hard question, many of us are not honest with ourselves thinking we can do it all!

Ask yourself the other important question – what am I prepared to give up in my business from a control perspective?

Once you have honestly assessed your organizations needs and capabilities and determined that you feel ready to look at out-sourcing as an option, take the next step and find the partner that best fits you and your organization.

Out-sourcing is not something to be afraid of. Correctly used, it can be a real benefit to your business growth and is worth the time invested in it.



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