What Freelancers Want from You

January 13, 2010

Originally uploaded by Hamed Saber

by Daryl James

What do freelance providers look for in an outsourcing company? What makes a company a preferred outsourcing buyer? I asked some freelance providers to think through their most rewarding outsourcing experiences and define the top qualities they observed in those buyers. Here’s what they told me:

1. Work with Solid Ideas. You need to do your homework and think through your project before a freelance provider can start the assignment. What are you looking for in your end product? As one of our freelance providers put it, “Vague ideas lead to vague solutions, which leads to unhappy outsourcing buyers and unhappy freelance providers. Nobody wants to be unhappy, right?”

2. Be Available. Avoid miscommunication or delays in your project by being available to your freelance provider work team. Whether it is answering emails regularly or always being available via Skype or Yahoo! Messenger, your freelance work team will be more comfortable approaching you as an outsourcing manager with questions or potential roadblocks if you’re consistently available.

3. Set Reasonable Expectations. Setting overly aggressive deadlines or trying to do too much with a small outsourcing budget can end up backfiring. Discuss sensible deadlines with your freelance provider to make sure they can be realized. Be realistic about your budget and how much you can get accomplished.

4. Be Adaptable. Your outsourcing project needs may change or you may decide to try a different approach – regardless, let your freelance provider know as soon as possible and be ready to discuss new deadlines.

5. Reward Excellence. If work is done on time and exceed expectations, you should consider giving a freelance bonus. Your provider demonstrated he values your outsourcing relationship; return the favor.

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