Top 3 Reasons to Consider Online Outsourcing

January 12, 2010

by Daryl James

While there are many reasons to consider outsourcing if you are a small business, the primary ones (as my experience tells me) are a wider pool of talent unlimited by geographic boundaries, more competitive pricing as a result of this larger talent pool, and a streamlined management process resulting from working with experienced specialists familiar with the process from start to finish.

First, thanks to the global connectivity of the internet, outsourcers can reach out to professionals from all over the world to find the “best in the business”.  As certain universities are known for producing a higher caliber student in particular areas of study, certain countries are leading the charge in particular areas of task outsourcing (e.g. Russia is becoming well-known for their incredible programming talent, while the Philippines are becoming respected for their vast pool of virtual assistants).  Thus, outsourcing allows for greater access to natural talent.

Second, as a result of the more global and competitive landscape of freelancers, pricing for the most popular outsourced tasks has become streamlined and more affordable for everyone.  The economical vacuum is a thing of the past, no longer capable of driving service pricing to outlandish levels.

Third, by working with freelancers who specialize in the absolute and particular task for which they are hired, there is a clearer and more defined set of expectations regarding timeline, cost and performance.  The intense focus of the professionals and their task allows for less need for basic communication and an overall more streamlined outsourcing process.

Though some would argue that there are many other reasons to consider online outsourcing, it all comes down to the quality of the professionals and the quantity of the opportunities and successes involved.

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