Technology Makes Small Seem Big

January 6, 2010

Technology is leveling the playing field for today’s startups and small businesses.  Thanks to the changes in software and the global service of the internet, small business owners now have access to greater and more affordable talent and professionalism in areas ranging from marketing to production, administration to accounting, etc.

What was once only a reality to the big city, big company set, the most polished image and efficiency is now available in even the most remote and rural corners of the globe.  Small service businesses from Kansas to Kathmandu are outsourcing the design of their corporate identity with the utmost confidence.  Startup software companies from Saskatchewan to St. Petersburg are taking advantage of the most agile development minds in the world.

Thanks to services like oDesk, webware like Salesforce.com and the incredible support community and shared knowledge resources of the internet (all available from the convenience and affordability of small home offices and virtual facilities everywhere), technology is making the small seem big.  Ultimately, this means greater quality from more specialized and focused providers made available to a wider audience – the next great business revolution.

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